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The Features Of The DEWALT D28499X written by: JoshOrtiz The new DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder has been getting a lot of attention lately for its slick design and superior working functions. It has been made to work efficiently under various power speeds making it ideal for both commercial and domestic use. If you are looking for a quality angle grinder, then learning more about this one from DEWALT may finally help you find the perfect one for your needs.

The Prices Range Of the DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder

This grinder is sold from around $150.99 to $380.16 depending on where it is purchased and when it is bought. Regardless of the price you get this grinder for, it will always provide superior function no matter what.

Who Would Buy This Product?

This strong, durable, and easy to operate Heavy Duty angle grinder offers professional performances at all times no matter how skilled you may be in using one. This makes it the perfect grinder for both professionally skilled and everyday users. The gripping design it has been installed which makes it easy to keep a strong grip at all times ensuring safety and precision for all projects.

The Features Of The DEWALT D28499X

Best angle grinder reviews
Superior Motoring System

The 5.3 HP, 6,000 RPM, and 15 AMP motoring system comes with an overload of protection that makes sure that it provides you with higher operating speeds even during very heavy loads. This feature was made so that you will always get smooth and precise finishes. Furthermore, since it was made with a keyless design, it also allows you to make your own guard adjustments without having to stop what your doing to change tools. This helps you finish all your jobs faster and safer.

Lightweight Body Frame

The best feature to this angled grinder would have to be the fact that it has such a lightweight frame weighing just 14.5 to 16.4 pounds. Its lightweight frame, five positioning side handle, and rotating rear handle, helps provide a much improved ergonomics that gives better control while also making it easier to work longer hours without feeling any discomfort.

Specifications Of The Product:

– Comes with spindle lock
– Lock off trigger
– Steal cut gears
– Motor abrasion protection
– Spindle thread
– Maximum watts out is 3,950


This well thought out angle DEWALT D28499X grinder comes with both 7- and 9- inch guards that both offer low profile gearcases that let you work even in very tight spaces.

Another great advantage to this grinder is that it works very smoothly and quietly, therefore you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone while you are at work. There are so many angle grinders out there that are way too noisy making it difficult to work at your own time and pace.

In addition, it is also designed stand up to even the longer term heavy duty projects, where it offers an epoxy coated field as well as an armature to protect you against abrasions from any airborne debris. The automatic turn off feature offers further safety to both you and the project you are creating. Though just like any other product on the market, this angle grinder from DEWALT does come with a few drawbacks that are worth learning about as well.


The only disadvantage to this product would have to be that the spindle thread of the grinder can sometimes get out of spec. But other than that, it is a wonderful angle grinder that everyone will find to offer all of the features and benefits that DEWALT claims.

Customer Reviews And Rating Of The Product

This product has received mostly positive feedback from consumers where it currently has a 4.5 star out of 5 stars rating on the well trusted site Amazon from 16 different reviewers. The majority of customers only have positive things to say about the overall function of the product, which can give potential customers the peace of mind in knowing that it does live up to its hype.

William Howard states that “this grinder is a total beast. You will not regret this one.”

Tyler Inglis states that “it works nicely off of my generator/welder.”

Click here to read more customer reviews…


As you can see, the DEWALT D28499X angle grinder has pleased the consumers like William and Tyler. It provided them with the ability to finish all their projects perfectly with ease, and will also work well for many years to come. So don’t wait any longer to get this angle grinder for all your future projects.

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Best angle grinder

Looking for a reliable angle grinder? Bosch 1375A is the best choice for you. This is a professionally designed and assembled power tool that is well known for its ability to perform various cutting and grinding tasks with high precision. It is manufactured by Bosch, a renowned company whose power tools and accessories has earned it global recognition for their unbeatable quality.

Best angle grinder

Price Range

Currently, its price ranges between $50 and $150 dollars. You can purchase it from all certified land based and online stores today. If you are lucky you will get a discount or coupon that you can redeem to save money. Also, you will get a comprehensive 1 year warranty that covers all its parts. Note that this warranty is valid from the date of purchase.

Who Would Buy This?

One of the supreme benefits of investing on this product is that it’s quite easy to use. Bosch 1375A is a multipurpose grinder that can be used to carry out various tasks such as grinding, sanding, sharpening and brushing. This makes 1375A Bosch grinder a good choice for individuals and companies that specialize in small, medium and large tasks that entail grinding, cutting or sharpen of various materials such as wood and metals. Engineering and construction companies can also use Bosch grinder to improve the quality of their services and products.

Superior Motor

To ensure that it delivers top notch results always, it is fitted with a powerful motor that can deliver up to 1 horsepower. It runs on 120 volts AC and can whirl the blade at a speed of 11,000 rpm when not loaded. Additionally, it works perfectly with 4-1/2 inches cutoff discs, 4-1/2 sanding discs, 4 inches wire wheels and 4-1/2 dry diamond wheels. This motor is fully protected by the sturdy outer construction to ensure that it delivers the expected results always.

ServiceMinder Brushes

No more guesswork, it has Serviceminder brushes that are specifically engineered to ensure that you accurately grind or sharpen tools by allowing you to conveniently switch it off for preventive maintenance when necessary. They work hand in hand with an Epoxy coated field windings that offer maximum protection against metal debris and abrasive dust particles.

Products Main Features and Specifications

– 5/8 inch
– 11 spindle thread
– Lock-on/off switch
– Spindle lock
– Double insulated
– Product dimensions 36.1 x 12.7 x 12.2 cm
– Voltage 120v
– Weight 3.75 pounds
– Shipping weight 6 pounds
– Flange kit
– Wrench
– Side Handle
– Guard



As mentioned earlier, Bosch 1375A is fully insulated and made from high quality materials hence you can rest assured that it will last for many years to come. The switch is dust resistant and so you don’t have to keep wiping it every now and then. Note that accumulation of dust on this important part can lead to malfunctions. To avoid this, the lock switch is fully sealed to ensure that no form of grime tampers with the switch mechanism no matter the condition of your working environment. Nevertheless, it is important that you adhere to the maintenance guidelines included in the manual to prolong its lifespan.

Exceptional Usability

Unlike other grinder, this one only weighs 3.75 pounds. It has a 2-position auxiliary handle that is designed to give you maximum comfort and control. By using o1375A BOSCH grinder unique spindle lock, you will be able to quickly change wheels depending on the task at hand. Also, you can use its 5/8 inch 11- spindle thread to attach some of the accessories.


As mentioned earlier, Bosch 1375A can be used to carry out a number of tasks such as brushing, grinding and sharpening materials. All you have to do is change the wheels by just altering the spindle lock.


The only con on this product is that it produces a lot of dust when cutting concrete and bricks. However, you can protect yourself by wearing a dust mask and goggles. Most of the conventional grinders have a paddle switches but the lock-on/off switch on this grinders works perfectly too.

Customer reviews and rating

Up to date it has managed to amass 40 reviews from clients and an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This means that most of the clients loved its outstanding performance and gave it a rating of between 4-5 stars.  Click here to read more customer reviews…

Bosch 1375A is the ultimate multipurpose grinder that is affordable and convenient to use.

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Best angle grinder

If you are trying to shop online a reasonably priced angle grinder which can deliver you what you want then DEWALT DW840, a quality 7 inch medium angle grinder, can be the right choice for you because of its several interesting and unique features. Some of the unique features of this angle grinder can be interesting for you.

The reasonable price of this grinder can be one of the reasons for which people are interested in it very much. Most of the users of this angle grinder have reviewed it the best tool in its price category as it is available at a very affordable price of $138 on various online stores.

DEWALT DW840 has proved to be a commercially competent grinder as the rear handle grip area of this heavy duty tool provides comfortable and better control on it. into it.

Best angle grinder

Dewalt DW840 : Some basic features

The key features of DEWALT DW840 are worth mentioning here to give you a complete idea of this tool. This 7 inch grinding application has an 8000 rpm, 13.0 Amp AC/DC motor to powerful speed to it. The power-to-weight ratio of this tool greatly reduces user fatigue and increases efficiency.

Other interesting features of DEWALT grinder

DEWALT DW840 has a number of other worth mentioning feature which can improve the efficiency of its users as well as its own life. The productivity of this grinder can be increased with the help of its keyless adjustable guard.

The design of rear handle provides greater control and comfort to the user. The life of its motor can be extended with the help of external brush caps for servicing roller bearing and sealed ball easily. The Dust Ejection System provided in this DEWALT Grinder helps in increasing its durability by ejecting the damaging particles of debris and dust entering through its air intake vents. The dual abrasion protection provided in this tool provides additional protection to its motor from the ingested damaging dust and debris. The Quick-Change wheel release provided in this grinder allows you to remove the wheel quickly and easily. The two position side handle of DEWALT provides you increased comfort by reducing the feeling of vibration of the tool and providing comfort to the user. A precise gear alignment is assured in this tool through the low profile jam-pot gear case provided in it for a quieter and smoother transmission while accessing tight spaces. The auto-off brushes of this grinder shuts down the tool to avoid damage to it, in case of replacement required by the brushes.

Pros of DEWALT grinder

DEWALT DW840 is a great grinding tool of its category which has a number of advantages. Some of the advantages that can not be ignored are provided here under for your consideration.

The keyless adjustable guard of this grinding tool increases your productivity as you do not need any tool to adjust it. The rear and side handle are designed to give you precise control over the tool comfortably. The whole tool is designed to make it a durable and efficient tool by protecting it from the ingested dust and debris through its air intake vents. Its sealed roller and ball bearings can be serviced easily through its external brush caps to extend the life of its motor. You can reach up to difficult to reach spaces with the help of the low profile jam-pot gear case provided in it for easy and smooth transmission. 90 days money back guarantee, 1 year free service contract and 3 year limited warranty are the other beneficial advantages of this grinder.

Cons of DEWALT grinder

Every grinding tool has some disadvantages along with a number of advantages and similar is the condition with DEWALT DW840. Though it is a perfect tool for the people using it for fabrication grinding but for the newbies it is a bit heavier tool which needs expertise to handle it. Otherwise it is the best tool of its range.

Customer Reviews – What Do They Tell

Most of the users of DEWALT DW840 have positively reviewed about it. on an average the users of this powerful grinder have rated it 4 stars out of five which shows the quality and excellence of performance of this tool. Click here to read more customer reviews…


After going through the facts and figures about DEWALT DW840 one can not restrain to buy it for their fabrication needs.

We have found the best discounts and prices for the DEWALT DW840 7-Inch Medium Angle Grinder on Amazon. Click here to check it out.


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