As we all know that Crossbow is a weapon design and it was used for many purposes at the time of it,s invention. The deer hunting crossbow was invented almost at the time of ancient China era when China was being developed and perhaps at the time of it,s independence.

It was first designed at China, s ancient time but still today it has range demand in the current market and still it has it,s own ways of usage i.e for Deer hunting. It is a handheld device that is used by the user.

The user simply used it to shot an arrow with more force and energy as compared to the current standard bow. In the current today,s market price depends upon it,s quality. More high in price means more good in quality and vice vera. Customers who love to use Crossbows always try to use the latest crossbow which is introduced in the current market.

Loading your Crossbow :

There are three different ways of loading Crossbow and all has it,s own advantages or disadvantages depending upon the usage of Crossbow loading.

The first way of loading your Crossbow is the manual cocking method. If you look carefully at your Crossbow then you will see a triangle type shape at the end of your bow. This is generally called a stirrup. You have to just put the bottom of your bow stirrup and simply put your foot inside it. In order to attach to ground you can use your leg power to do so.

You may want to take your thumb close to on any side where you can manage it easily. Here you can use your slow and steady movement in order to lock the current place. Be careful to this way of loading your crossbow as it is the tough one way of loading your crossbow. This method requires more than one hundred and fifty pounds of dead weight to pull your Crowbow.

The second method of loading your crossbow is by rope cocking. This is the easiest way of loading your crossbow as it takes less effort and in the result, it hits with more force as compared to the first method of loading crossbow. We have to just hold the string and take it on the bottom and by using rope we pull it as with less energy and it results in more power.

This is generally a good way of loading and has many less chance of damage to your Crossbow as it happened in the first method of Crossbow loading. Less chance of damaging Crossbow causes high quality and demand of Crossbow in the market and mostly rope is offered with the packing of Crossbow and easily available in case of missing and you need it another rope for your Crossbow.

The third way of loading you Crossbow is by crank cocking method. This method is generally expensive to use as of it,s types of equipment. Equipment is very expensive to buy as it helps to load our Crossbow. It is a very easy method to load your Crossbow as a child can also load it easily with little effort. The cost of its equipment is mostly between 100 US Dollars to 150 US Dollars.

Simply you have to just put stirrup through your foot and turn the crank to load your Crossbow. This method takes a full minute to load a bow. The disadvantage of using this third method of loading your Crossbow is just speed. The weight of crank adds to the overall weight of your bow.

Now we will discuss how we can choose the best Crossbow for our current need.

One thing we should keep in mind while choosing the best Crossbow. Choosing the best Crossbow is a bit difficult task as it takes some time and effort for taking a view in the current market. To buy the best Crossbow you have to take many things in your mind.

1) Consider the draw weight of the crossbow :

When we choose any Crossbow then we have to choose it according to the weight of our Crossbow. For example, if we want to hunt or we have the plan of hunting then I recommend a high weight Crossbow with the bow that kills your prey at once or on the spot. Heavy bow kills prey easily and early as compared to low weight Crossbows. If you want any practice or training of using Crossbow then you should use lightweight Crossbow as it helps in training more as compared to other Crossbows.

2) Consider the power stroke of the bow :

Choosing your Crossbow is also done by the power stroke of your bow. It depends upon the power you load before leaving the arrows from your Crossbow. Stroke power is done by having the large length in loading as it takes generally 10 inches to 14 inches. The greater in length means more power to be delivered on leaving your arrows and vice versa.

3) Consider the velocity of your arrow :

Velocity is another factor in choosing your Crossbow. Velocity means the speed by which your arrow will move through your Crossbow. Velocity is generally measured in feet per second pronounce as (FPS). Velocity is the speed that is covered by an arrow in almost 20 to 30 yards of the area.

Mostly when an arrow reaches over 20 yards of the area then it reduces it,s original speed and starts slowing in speeds as distance covers after 20 yards of the area. If we want our best results for hunting then we should use velocity speed from almost 200 feet per second through our Crossbow. The weight of the arrow is also a factor here. Arrow with more weight causes slow in velocity as weight occupies the length of original distance. Remember that this is generally affected by the types of arrows that you are currently using in your crossbow.

4) Consider what material the limbs of your crossbow are constructed of :

The major factor in choosing your best Crossbow is the material and ingredients by which Crossbow is developed. The material is the first priority in any product. Remember that High-Quality Crossbows are demanding in less weight but durable and good material. Low-level Crossbows are generally made up of wood and aluminum and it has no longer warranty of material and life of your Crossbow.

The best material Crossbow is made up of fiberglass and carbon or you can say that the combination of both material items that make your Crossbow very powerful, strong and capable of long life term usage. These materials can also handle the powerful shot from your Crossbow.

5) Consider the difference between a compound and recurve crossbow :

Compound crossbow is a type of crossbow which uses cams and pullies in it,s construction. Recurve Crossbow doesn’t use any cams but it uses limbs on every side of joint. Compound Crossbows are more expensive as it provides more power on drawback whereas recurve Crossbow don,t follow these points almost at all.

Top 10 Crossbows under $500 :

1. SA Sports Fever :

The Sports Fever is the best ever recurve Crossbow in the current era. This Crossbow is very light in weight as you can say it only weighs four and a half pounds. It,s power stroke hits eleven inches in length. This Crossbow has the capability of throwing an arrow with the velocity of 260 Feet per song.

Pros :
This Crossbow has less in weight and easy to carry up.
This Crossbow is rich in great qualities and values.
You can take this Crossbow from one place to another easily.

Cons :
Mostly you have no safety precautions at all.
This Crossbow don,t give enough energy for dear and in any wide area place.
It is generally low feet per second.

2. CenterPoint Sniper 370 :

CenterPoint Sniper 370 is a Compound Crossbow which is the best Crossbow that comes at the middle range prices and even It has gotten the award over it. This Crossbow is also rich in velocity. The velocity of this Crossbow is almost the higher as 365 Feet per second. This Crossbow has the draw weight of almost greater than 180 pounds and arrow is thrown it in immense power with the power stroke of 3 inches.

Pros :
This Crossbow is generally packed in greater power.
This Crossbow has rich in good qualities as you can shoot in bad areas too and it will hit accurately.
This Crossbow is mostly made in plastic an that,s why it is lightweight.

Cons :
As we have seen that this Crossbow is made of plastic so if the plastic is broken then we should not use this Crossbow any more.
We may need some more assembly in order to get the desired strength.

3. 80lbs Self Cocking Crossbow :

This Crossbow is for the practical purposes and for the local and short-term areas where professional hunters are not well required for hunting. It is not powerful as of others types of Crossbows available in the current market. It is made up of Aluminum.

Pros :
This Crossbow is easy for targeting.
You can get a pack of 15 gree metal arrow along with this Crossbow while purchasing from the market.

Cons :
This Crossbow is not powerful and available for big hunting.
It has low in speed as compared to other Crossbows.

4. Barnett Jacka

The Barnett Jackal its only need of beginners and it has been awarded the best crossbow for beginners. The weight of the crossbow is 150 pounds with a draw weight and stroke is power with twelve inches, this crossbow will fire an arrow at 315 FPS. They have on the issue I have detected in my review is that the rope is waxed after every 10 shots.

Any legal game can take down
Precaution to prevent dry-fire automated safety

may break temperamental cams
Cocking method only manual

5. Barnett Recruit

One of great Barnett Recruit has taken awarded for the best crossbows for youth and teen archers. With a draw strength of only 130 pounds. They have great features the recruit will send an arrow flying at 305 FPS. This will make the user able to load and cock the crossbow without any assistance. And this crossbow is specially crafted for teen and youth, the Barnett Recruit only weight in at 6 and a half pounds to make the hassle of a less carrying. One of the great feature us for grip has the pass-through design that will specifically limit placement of finger to prevent all injury.

Stock adjustable
Easy to cock and Simple
Ideal for the teen and youth

Hold three arrows only quiver
Red dot makes it hard for leaning shooters to calculate their shot

6. TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader G3

The TenPoint wicked ridge invader G3 was greatly awarded the lowest price for a compound crossbow. 165 pounds with a draw strength and stroke power of 13.4 inches, this model will launch an arrow at the speed of 331 FPS. This bow is less than 8 pounds and releases quick quiver to prevent your hunting game from running away. Cocking is extremely very simple and has a self-retracting rope system.

Accuracy amazing
Simple and Lightweight
Extremely powerful

Warranty short
Scope Non-illuminated
Safety excess precautions

7. Manticore 150lbs Crossbow with Scope, Extra Arrows, and Rope Cocking Device

This crossbow feature is a 150-pound draw, giving it to allow you all the power you just need to hunt in a big game. It also comes with great extra packed, and including a cocking rope device that lessens your weight draw to 75 pounds, a scope that will improve your hunting accuracy and come up with extra arrows. Arrows fly out at a rate of 210 FPS, Editor choice the recommended velocity of at least 200(FPS).

You don’t have to spend extra money because included accessories
Velocity great
Powerful and Incredibly to kill big game on impact.

May want to replace it for better accuracy, Included scope is cheap to design
The wear and tear you would like it to aluminum barrel may not withstand

8. 150 lb. Hunting Crossbow Archery Bow

This crossbow comes up with wood colors. This crossbow has an extra feature of packing, Including seven extra arrows which are very helpful during the hunting, This model has nothing excluded power, with over 220 FPS velocity when you click the crossbow arrow. It also has awesome feature and automatic safety mechanism of cocking and a 150-pound draw. when I m talking about the feature its bonus as this comes in black, camouflage, or wood colors.

Unique and good color designs
Every time power to pierce your target
Accuracy great

String Buy a backup in case it breaks. The string may not be as sturdy as you like
The scope is very cheap and Included

9. Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

Likely to say this crossbow is very lightweight for your ease to pick and use for deer hunting. It includes fiber bolts, carbon, quiver a quick release and a cocking rope, a scope to make it easier to see in a wide range of hunting. A cocking rope to make it easier to pull back this bow. This crossbow is specially made by the composite materials to maintain a lightweight build. These are very good and long life crossbow and laminated to ensure the longevity of your crossbow. In order to say, it features finger replicate to keep your fingers safe when you press the crossbow for fire.

You could easily add a crank and enough lightweight
Sturdy appearance, Thick
Included extras of plenty

though all the parts and tools are included, Needs assembly
Because of the compact size hard to find a case

10. Bear X Crossbows Archery Bruzer FFL

If you are looking for a powerful crossbow, this crossbow delivers it. It is 18 inches length and it has a lightweight surprisingly 125 pounds. Its velocity is an amazing 335 FPS and this crossbow comes with an included scope, cocking rope, and quiver arrow as well as some bonus arrows.

(Aside from the scope) Comes assembled fully
power Incredible
Draw weight lighter

Because of 18” design (Bulky)…

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