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The Features Of The DEWALT D28499X written by: JoshOrtiz The new DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder has been getting a lot of attention lately for its slick design and superior working functions. It has been made to work efficiently under various power speeds making it ideal for both commercial and domestic use. If you are looking for a quality angle grinder, then learning more about this one from DEWALT may finally help you find the perfect one for your needs.

The Prices Range Of the DEWALT D28499X Angle Grinder

This grinder is sold from around $150.99 to $380.16 depending on where it is purchased and when it is bought. Regardless of the price you get this grinder for, it will always provide superior function no matter what.

Who Would Buy This Product?

This strong, durable, and easy to operate Heavy Duty angle grinder offers professional performances at all times no matter how skilled you may be in using one. This makes it the perfect grinder for both professionally skilled and everyday users. The gripping design it has been installed which makes it easy to keep a strong grip at all times ensuring safety and precision for all projects.

The Features Of The DEWALT D28499X

Best angle grinder reviews
Superior Motoring System

The 5.3 HP, 6,000 RPM, and 15 AMP motoring system comes with an overload of protection that makes sure that it provides you with higher operating speeds even during very heavy loads. This feature was made so that you will always get smooth and precise finishes. Furthermore, since it was made with a keyless design, it also allows you to make your own guard adjustments without having to stop what your doing to change tools. This helps you finish all your jobs faster and safer.

Lightweight Body Frame

The best feature to this angled grinder would have to be the fact that it has such a lightweight frame weighing just 14.5 to 16.4 pounds. Its lightweight frame, five positioning side handle, and rotating rear handle, helps provide a much improved ergonomics that gives better control while also making it easier to work longer hours without feeling any discomfort.

Specifications Of The Product:

– Comes with spindle lock
– Lock off trigger
– Steal cut gears
– Motor abrasion protection
– Spindle thread
– Maximum watts out is 3,950


This well thought out angle DEWALT D28499X grinder comes with both 7- and 9- inch guards that both offer low profile gearcases that let you work even in very tight spaces.

Another great advantage to this grinder is that it works very smoothly and quietly, therefore you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone while you are at work. There are so many angle grinders out there that are way too noisy making it difficult to work at your own time and pace.

In addition, it is also designed stand up to even the longer term heavy duty projects, where it offers an epoxy coated field as well as an armature to protect you against abrasions from any airborne debris. The automatic turn off feature offers further safety to both you and the project you are creating. Though just like any other product on the market, this angle grinder from DEWALT does come with a few drawbacks that are worth learning about as well.


The only disadvantage to this product would have to be that the spindle thread of the grinder can sometimes get out of spec. But other than that, it is a wonderful angle grinder that everyone will find to offer all of the features and benefits that DEWALT claims.

Customer Reviews And Rating Of The Product

This product has received mostly positive feedback from consumers where it currently has a 4.5 star out of 5 stars rating on the well trusted site Amazon from 16 different reviewers. The majority of customers only have positive things to say about the overall function of the product, which can give potential customers the peace of mind in knowing that it does live up to its hype.

William Howard states that “this grinder is a total beast. You will not regret this one.”

Tyler Inglis states that “it works nicely off of my generator/welder.”

Click here to read more customer reviews…


As you can see, the DEWALT D28499X angle grinder has pleased the consumers like William and Tyler. It provided them with the ability to finish all their projects perfectly with ease, and will also work well for many years to come. So don’t wait any longer to get this angle grinder for all your future projects.

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Makita 9564CV 4-1/2

Grinding your motor and boring is no longer troublesome for you. Makita 9557PB 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder comes with all the features that makes it the best seller product in the market. With Makita you get your work done with highest precision and quality.

Makita marks its place in the field of grinding with a cutting edge technology that gives the excellent work performance in no time. With 10,000 RPM speed in 7.5 amp motor Makita is none other than the best. Moreover, it comes with paddle switch; small comfortable barrel grip and spindle lock for trouble-free wheel change.

Price Range

Makita 9557PB 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder comes with a very affordable price range between $70-$75.

Now, say good bye to your grinder professionals. With this product you can very easily do all your grinding works at home without any specialist help. This is a very handy product for all household works and even for the professionals. This hard and tough grinder will do all grinding jobs with 100% precision.

Makita 9557PB : High Power Motor

The best part of Makita 9557PB 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder is its motor. The 7.5 amp motor with 10,000 RAM speed makes it just the ideal product for the customers. 7.5 amp motor gives the best output in one of the most compact tools with just 4.5 Ibs.

Extra Large Paddle Switch

Extra large paddle switch coming with a small circumference grip makes this device very easy to handle and to operate with convenience. The most striking feature of this grinder is that it comes with a easy spinal lock. Hence changing the lock is just a child play now.

The striking features of Makita 9557PB 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder are listed below :
– 7.5 amp motor for high output in stipulated time with no margin of error
– 4-1/2 inch angular grinder with high quality paddle switch
– Contains wrench, side handle, wheel guard and flange. These are just few outstanding features of this product
– Barel grip with comfortable small grip make it easy to handle
– All these outstanding features come with 1 year warranty. Users hardly have to bother for warranty period as it is a one-time investment for life long time duration

Now that you are aware of the features that Makita (557PB has to offer, let’s take a look some pros and cons of the same. This brief comparison should help you make an informed choice in the end.


Makita 9557PB 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder comes with numerous advantages. A glimpse of some of the pros of the produce are outlined as below:
– The best part of this product is its price which is just between $70-$75. It is a must buy product for every individual who is looking for a grinder
– According to hundreds of satisfied customers it is very easy to use. In short it is very user -friendly
– The safety features are kept on top priority. Hence till now there is a zero report of any kind of accident with this unique product.
– According to industrial metal workers Makita grinder proved to be boon for them. It works nonstop for long hours without any disturbance
– The customer support of this product is just excellent. Any issue within warranty period is fixed within stipulated time period without any hassle.


With all outstanding features there are some manageable issues with Makita which are mentioned below:
Sometimes the performance of the switches of this device fluctuates. But it can be easily fixed. Some customers find it difficult to use the handle as they can’t hold the grip properly Unexpected behavior of the machine as the customers does not go by the manual. Customers reported that they are dissatisfied because they find it difficult to handle 10,000 rpm super fast speed machine

Score Chart of Makita 9557PB 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

According to Amazon, 40 satisfied customers have reviewed the product. Out of them some have come out with some trivial but manageable issues. And according to Amazon score card, Makita has got four (4) stars out of five (5) which shows its credibility, efficiency and durability in its performance. So, you can be rest assured about the quality, durability and efficiency of the tool.


Makita 9557PB 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder is the ideal product for every individual. It is the best value product with 10,000 rpm speed and 7,5amp motor. The affordable price offered by Amazon makes it the ideal choice of every interested customer. Hundreds of satisfied customer has verified its performance and made it the highest selling product on Amazon. So, what you are waiting for? Get your own set of tool and make your everyday task easier and much more proficient.

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Makita 9564CV 4-1/2

The days of imprecise and aesthetically unappealing stonework, woodwork and metalwork are over. With Makita’s innovative 9564CV Angle Grinder, you can now create exact installations, detailing and finishing’s as you go about your cutting, polishing and grinding.

Manufactured by the industrial power force that is Makita, the 9564CV Angle Grinder retails at between $140 and $200. The 9564CV succeeds the 9558PB 5 inch paddle switch Angle Grinder with an AC/DC switch, boasting of superior amp power and higher maximum variable speeds.

Makita 9564CV 4-1/2

Makita 9564CV : Technology at its best

A number of power tool manufacturers incorporate technology into their products, but none of them have been able to achieve this feat more artfully than Makita has. Their revolutionary Super Joint System (SJS) technology disconnects the gears from the motor in the case that the wheel catches or binds. This technology which is the foundation of the Makita 9564CV ensures that motor and gear damage is prevented, and safeguards the user who may have been injured by the resulting kickback. When purchasing the 9564CV angle grinder, you can be assured of a safe yet technologically advanced power tool.

Unrivaled speed, unmatched performance

A variable speed control dial with 5 stage options (2,800- 10,500 RPM) gives users the opportunity to tailor their speeds to meet their applications. This means that you no longer have to use a fixed and possibly unreliable speed for differing stone types e.g. granite vs quartz. In order to sustain speed under pressure constant speed control is activated, supplying additional power to maintain the current speed. Using the 9564CV is now extremely hassle-free.

Ultimate construction, streamlined design

The angle grinder boasts of labyrinth construction coupled with zigzag varnish seals, that work together to insulate the motor and bearings from contamination arising from dust and debris. These complex construction structures work towards enhancing the life of the power tool.

Features and Specifications

1. Color: Teal
2. This 5.3 lbs electric angle grinder has a 12 amp motor and variable speeds of between 2,800 and 10,500 RPM. The spindle thread/arbor size is 5/8 inch-11 UNC, and the grinder comes with a 4.5 inch grinding wheel, removable side handle, inner flange, lock nut, lock nut wrench and wheel guard.
3. The unique SJS technology which makes up the Makita 9564CV prevents kickbacks resulting from wheel binding and catching.
4. The 5 stage variable speed control dial allows users to align the speed of the grinder to their current application.
5. The soft start-up action ensures that all start-up responses are smooth, in turn prolonging the life of the gears.
6. An inbuilt electronic current limiter discontinues the motor, thereby preventing motor burnout and excess strain.
7. A removable side handle can be placed on either side of the tool, for right-hand and left-hand use.
8. Clamping is made easy by the ?ool-less’ wheel guard adjustment.
9. A conveniently located slide switch with lock-on settings makes using the grinder comfortable, therefore promoting continuous use.
10. Tool life has been extended by the new carbon brush material, which is both bigger in size and better in performance.


Looking over the features and exact specifications detailed above, it is easy to work out all the benefits associated with using this outstanding angle grinder.
It is powerful, easy to maneuver, versatile in use, runs smoothly, comfortable to grip, durable, simple to store and has no vibrations. Additionally, its ergonomic design means that you can use it for extended time periods without fear of getting wrist cramps.


The Makita 9564CV can be accused of being too perfect; going through its features and specifications it is difficult to pinpoint a distinct drawback. However, it is slightly heavier than the 9558PB and is also uncomfortable to use one-handed. These two miniscule negatives can both be explained by the powerful 12 amp motor it houses. The motor makes it somewhat heavier and this in turn necessitates the need for a two-hand use. However, the incredible power output makes the weight and two-handed usage extremely bearable.

Customer Reviews

Currently, the Makita 9564CV Angle Grinder has garnered a notable score of 4.7 stars after being reviewed by 23 customers. What makes these reviews even more noteworthy is the fact that nearly 92% of reviewers gave the power tool a perfect 5 star scoring.


If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use angle grinder that can cover a diverse range of applications, look no further than the Makita 9564CV. Whether you are an amateur constructer fixing up your home, or a professional contractor going about your work, this is definitely power tool engineering at its finest!

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Makita GA4530

Makita is a brand that needs little introduction in the world of grinding tools. For years, it has been known for making quality and reliable products. Makita GA4530 is one angle grinder that is a proud member of a wide range of woodworking grinding equipment made by Makita.

It combines 6 amp power with comfort and motor protection features for a lasting industrial grinding performance. The power delivered from this compact and lightweight angle grinder is perfect for jobs that have compact areas or overhead work. Read on for more on features, price, pros and functionality.

Price Range

With a price range of $50 and $100, this angle grinder is designed to give you all of the cutting and grinding power you need without having to break into a bank.

Makita GA4530

Who would Buy this Grinder?

Makita GA4530 is an ideal unit for plumbers, fabricators, grinders, HVAC, stone and tile workers, masons, automotive electricians, electricians, welders, and contractors seeking a premium-quality grinder. It has a wide range of applications including paint and rust removal, cutting, auto-repair work, ferrous metal removal, metal polishing, restoration work, limestone cutting, general steel grinding and shipyard maintenance.


Makita GA4530 angle grinder boasts of a powerful 6-AMP motor that can deliver up to 11,000 rounds per minute. Hence, this unit is powerful enough to tackle even the most demanding tasks. While the bevel gears are designed to last longer, the metal gear housing and all-ball bearing design have been engineered for added durability. This gear housing can be rotated around thus enabling you to work with the machine at 90 degree while cutting.
The GA4530 also features a labyrinth construction that seals & protects the bearings and the motor from debris and dust for longer tool life. Furthermore, the protective zigzag varnish sealing the armature prevents contamination by creating a barrier under-rotation.


Weighing just 4lbs, the GA4530 is with a small-diameter barrel grip that is designed to guarantee ultimate comfort. Regardless of whether you grip the rear cover or the motor housing, the extra-ergonomic barrel grip of this unit will fit your palm and fingers perfectly, providing easy and comfortable handling thus minimizing hand fatigue and pain.

For a range of cutting applications, users can position the gear housing every 90 degrees. The side angle can be positioned on both sides making it more comfortable to control and operate over an extended period of time. GA4530’s lightweight design helps reduce fatigue while operating the machine over a long time.
In addition, the presence of a lock-on button lets you use this unit for longer without having to press the trigger all the time.

Additional Features and specifications

– Weight: 4lbs
– No load sped:11000 RPM
– Dimensions: 10-1/2 inch * 5 inch * 4-1/16 inch (L*W*H)
– 4-1/2 inch grinding wheel
– Spindle thread: 5/8inch * 11 UNC
– Aluminum Alloy Gearbox
– Dust sealed bearings
– Replaceable carbon brushes for greater serviceability
– Labyrinth style construction seals and protects motor as well as bearings from debris and dust
– 2-position side handle
– Adjustable guard
– Fan cooled motor
– Ideal for fabricators, welders, masons, maintenance/repair etc.
– Backed by one year warranty


Weighing just 4 pounds, the Makita GA4530 angle grinder is lightweight enough to allow users operate it over an extended period of time without fatigue. In addition, a 4lbs weight is desirable since it boosts the maneuverability of this unit and gives you extra control.
The GA4530 is affordable. Not so many brands can cram all these user friendly features in a single unit and yet sell it at a price lower than $100.
Like other Makita tools, this unit is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. If you’re not satisfied with the GA4530 within 30 days of purchase, return it and Makita will provide a replacement or refund. In addition, the unit has a one year warranty within which you can make valid claims should you encounter any trouble with it.


Most people who purchased this unit say that they expected the unit to come with a carry case. However, this hasn’t been a problem since this unit can fit in any tool bag.

Customer Review

Given its great value, this grinder is getting nearly perfect 5-star ratings across the board. Specifically, users are impressed with its power, quietness, lightweight, and reliability. Click here to read more customer reviews…


Makita GA4530 is undoubtedly the best alternative unit in terms of cost and capabilities. With this unit, you could say Makita crammed all of the pre-requisite features required for longer lasting industrial performance into an inexpensive and compact model. It is a remarkable device to possess if you are not prepared to spend more than $100.

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Makita 9565CV 5-Inch

The Makita 9565CV is a Variable Speed 5-Inch Angle Grinder that has a 12 AMP variable speed power combined with comfort, durability, ease of use and motor-protection features. All of this ensures stone grinding and polishing performance that will last long. The innovative Super Joint System (SJS) technology from Makita has been integrated into this angle grinder that protects its gears, helping ensure that this tool gains a longer life.


The Makita 9565CV angle grinder is available on Amazon within the price range of $145 and $160, so it is quite reasonably priced.

Makita 9565CV 5-Inch


For hobbyists and professionals looking for an industrial quality power tool that delivers outstanding durability and performance with uncompromising safety, this Makita 9565CV angel grinder will not disappoint. After all, this power tool has been engineered by Makita utilizing leading-edge innovation, which makes it more compact and energy efficient, yet it will deliver industrial-level power and results.
12 AMP Power With SJS

A 12 AMP motor powers the Makita 9565CV angle grinder with soft start that ensures smoother start-ups. With 5-stage variable speed dial, the RPM can be matched to the application, between 2,800 RPM and 10,500 RPM. Whenever necessary, the motor will be stopped by the electronic limiter. As a result, accidental motor burnout as a result of overload will be reduced. Even under load, consistent speed will be maintained by the electronic speed control.

The motor is protected by the labyrinth construction that consists of a complex set of channels, while contamination and dust is also prohibited by it. Additionally, the bearings and motor are sealed with protective zigzag varnish, so a barrier against debris and dust is created under rotation. The SJS that the 9565CV has been engineered with will automatically disengage the motor if grinding wheel accidentally binds or catches, which will protect the gears.

Comfort & Ergonomics

For extended use, comfort and ergonomic features have built into the Makita 9565CV angle grinder. The weight of this grinder is merely 4 pounds while a lock-on switch makes it easier to operate it. Additionally, it will become possible to easily install the side handle on either side of this grinder, easy clamping is provided the wheel guard adjustment that does not require the use of any tools.

Variable Speed

The 9565CV happens to be a powerful and versatile grinder with variable speed, to the RPM can be set to the specific material. This angle grinder will be perfect for stone work, including grinding and polishing, due to the variable speed control.

Super Joint System (SJS)

The Super Joint System (SJS) is a Makita-exclusive innovation where a coil spring links this grinder’s motor armature with its spiral bevel gear. If the grinding wheel ever binds or catches, the gears will get disengaged from the motor because the coil spring will relax. The 9565CV is just one of Makita’s many other SJS-equipped grinders.


Before the 9565CV angle grinder left the factory, it underwent thorough inspection and testing. This means that within 30 days after which this grinder has been purchased, buyers who are not satisfied with this grinder can return it and obtain a refund or replacement. Makita guarantees that this angle grinder is free of defects from materials and workmanship for a 1-year period after which it has been purchased.


– Thicker coil wires
– Includes: Grinding wheel, inner flange, side handle, lock-nut and wrench, and wheel guard
– Dimensions: 5.7 inches x 15.2 inches x 5.5 inches (W x H x L)– Weight: 7.2 pounds


The Makita 9565CV angle grinder “has been dubbed the Best 5″ grinder hands down.” Those who have used this angle grinder are advising others not to buy any other. Some even claim that they were able to cut out thousands of granite sinks after having used this grinder for years and years.
Most of them agree that the 9565CV is a solid grinder. Those who chose this one have been very satisfied with their purchased, and have even praised the fact that it has a nice weight and a sturdy feel to it.


Strangely, a few customers have complaints about the weight of this angle grinder, but at the same time they also add that it is not as heavy as grinders from other brands that they have used.


Based on the ratings of the 38 customers who received this Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe on Amazon, it has an average score of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. Out of those 38 customers, 29 of them gave the DEWALT DWE575 a 5-star rating.


Considering that the Makita 9565CV happens to be an angle grinder from a leading global manufacturer of industrial quality power tools, it is definitely worth buying from Amazon.

We have found the best discounts and prices for the Makita 9565CV 5-Inch Variable Speed Angle Grinder Review

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