DEWALT D28144 6-Inch High Performance Small Angle Grinder Review

DEWALT D28144 can be a right choice for you if you are looking to buy an angle grinder online at affordable price and excellent performance features. This 6” angle grinder has a number of features which made it popular among the fabricators of all types. Some of the interesting features of this grinder are provided here under for your reference.

One of the reasons which attract people towards this grinder is its affordable price. It has been reviewed as the best tool in its category by a large number of its users. You can buy it online within the price range of $145 to $247 from various online stores.
The availability of perfect and comfortable control on DEWALT D28144 makes it a successful commercial grinder these days.


DEWALT D28144 : Basic features

In order to give you complete idea about DEWALT D28144, commercially useful grinder, it is worthwhile to mention its key features. 13 Amp motor with 9,000 RPM makes this 6″ Grinder a high performance Cut-Off tool. DeWalt AC motor G55 is specially designed for higher overload protection and faster material removal.

Other attractive features

A number of other features which can improve the efficiency of the users of DEWALT D28144 along with its own life are worth mentioning here.

Dual Clutch Protection in DEWALT D28144 prevents the stripping gear and burning of motor and increase its durabilityThe Dust Ejection System provided in it also increases its durability by removing the dust particle and debris that enter through air intake vents that can damage it. Quick-Change-Wheel Release system provided in it allows you to remove wheel without using any tool.Its dual abrasion protection protects motor protection from ingested damaging debris and dust.One-piece brush arm removes the hang-ups caused by ingested dust. The sealed roller and ball bearings of this grinder can be serviced easily through the external brush caps provided with it to extend its motor life. The low profile jam-pot gear case allows you to approach the difficult-to-reach spaces easily by easing and smoothing its transmission. Multiple advanced technology features offered by its completely electronically controlled system include Power-Off, E-Clutch and resetting of Power-Loss. At the occurrence of wheel stall or wheel pinch E-Clutch shuts off the grinder. It extends the life of its motor and gears. Before your grinder reaches overload and burns-up its Power-Off Advanced Overload Protection shuts the tool off. Accidental re-starts followed by a power breakdown, when the tool is left ON, can be controlled through its Power-Loss Reset feature.


A number of advantages of DEWALT D28144 which make it a great grinding tool are worth mentioning here for your consideration while purchasing it.
Two positions of the handles of this grinder improve your control on it comfortably. Its side and rear handles are specially designed for this purpose. The Type 27 depressed center wheel along with Type 27 keyless adjustable guard allow you to make adjustments without using any additional tool and improve performance.Its Type 1 cutting wheel allows you to do your work speedily and efficiently. The one-piece brush arm increases the life of its motor and gears by brushing out the hang-ups caused by dust and debris entered through its air intake vents. Some of the other advantages that attract the users to this grinder include 90 days money back guarantee, 1 year free service contract and 3 year limited warranty.


Any tool that has a number of advantages usually has some disadvantages also. Professional fabricators usually use DEWALT D28144 as the best tool in this range but some of the beginners find it a bit heavier than other similar grinders available in the market. They have practice a lot to handle this tool efficiently.

What consumers tell about it?

DEWALT D28144 has been positively reviewed by most of its users. They have rated it for four out of five stars on an average which reflects its quality and performance excellence when compared to other grinders available in the market.  Click here to read more customer reviews…


On the whole it can be concluded on the basis of the features and pros and cons of DEWALT D28144 that it can prove to be the best tool for you for all types of your fabrication works. A large number of features and their benefits of this tool ensure its high performance and long life.

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