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DEWALT DW840 7-Inch Medium Angle Grinder Review

If you are trying to shop online a reasonably priced angle grinder which can deliver you what you want then DEWALT DW840, a quality 7 inch medium angle grinder, can be the right choice for you because of its several interesting and unique features. Some of the unique features of this angle grinder can be interesting for you.

The reasonable price of this grinder can be one of the reasons for which people are interested in it very much. Most of the users of this angle grinder have reviewed it the best tool in its price category as it is available at a very affordable price of $138 on various online stores.

DEWALT DW840 has proved to be a commercially competent grinder as the rear handle grip area of this heavy duty tool provides comfortable and better control on it. into it.

Best angle grinder

Dewalt DW840 : Some basic features

The key features of DEWALT DW840 are worth mentioning here to give you a complete idea of this tool. This 7 inch grinding application has an 8000 rpm, 13.0 Amp AC/DC motor to powerful speed to it. The power-to-weight ratio of this tool greatly reduces user fatigue and increases efficiency.

Other interesting features of DEWALT grinder

DEWALT DW840 has a number of other worth mentioning feature which can improve the efficiency of its users as well as its own life. The productivity of this grinder can be increased with the help of its keyless adjustable guard.

The design of rear handle provides greater control and comfort to the user. The life of its motor can be extended with the help of external brush caps for servicing roller bearing and sealed ball easily. The Dust Ejection System provided in this DEWALT Grinder helps in increasing its durability by ejecting the damaging particles of debris and dust entering through its air intake vents. The dual abrasion protection provided in this tool provides additional protection to its motor from the ingested damaging dust and debris. The Quick-Change wheel release provided in this grinder allows you to remove the wheel quickly and easily. The two position side handle of DEWALT provides you increased comfort by reducing the feeling of vibration of the tool and providing comfort to the user. A precise gear alignment is assured in this tool through the low profile jam-pot gear case provided in it for a quieter and smoother transmission while accessing tight spaces. The auto-off brushes of this grinder shuts down the tool to avoid damage to it, in case of replacement required by the brushes.

Pros of DEWALT grinder

DEWALT DW840 is a great grinding tool of its category which has a number of advantages. Some of the advantages that can not be ignored are provided here under for your consideration.

The keyless adjustable guard of this grinding tool increases your productivity as you do not need any tool to adjust it. The rear and side handle are designed to give you precise control over the tool comfortably. The whole tool is designed to make it a durable and efficient tool by protecting it from the ingested dust and debris through its air intake vents. Its sealed roller and ball bearings can be serviced easily through its external brush caps to extend the life of its motor. You can reach up to difficult to reach spaces with the help of the low profile jam-pot gear case provided in it for easy and smooth transmission. 90 days money back guarantee, 1 year free service contract and 3 year limited warranty are the other beneficial advantages of this grinder.

Cons of DEWALT grinder

Every grinding tool has some disadvantages along with a number of advantages and similar is the condition with DEWALT DW840. Though it is a perfect tool for the people using it for fabrication grinding but for the newbies it is a bit heavier tool which needs expertise to handle it. Otherwise it is the best tool of its range.

Customer Reviews – What Do They Tell

Most of the users of DEWALT DW840 have positively reviewed about it. on an average the users of this powerful grinder have rated it 4 stars out of five which shows the quality and excellence of performance of this tool. Click here to read more customer reviews…


After going through the facts and figures about DEWALT DW840 one can not restrain to buy it for their fabrication needs.

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