Makita 9564CV 4-1/2

Makita 9564CV 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder Review

The days of imprecise and aesthetically unappealing stonework, woodwork and metalwork are over. With Makita’s innovative 9564CV Angle Grinder, you can now create exact installations, detailing and finishing’s as you go about your cutting, polishing and grinding.

Manufactured by the industrial power force that is Makita, the 9564CV Angle Grinder retails at between $140 and $200. The 9564CV succeeds the 9558PB 5 inch paddle switch Angle Grinder with an AC/DC switch, boasting of superior amp power and higher maximum variable speeds.

Makita 9564CV 4-1/2

Makita 9564CV : Technology at its best

A number of power tool manufacturers incorporate technology into their products, but none of them have been able to achieve this feat more artfully than Makita has. Their revolutionary Super Joint System (SJS) technology disconnects the gears from the motor in the case that the wheel catches or binds. This technology which is the foundation of the Makita 9564CV ensures that motor and gear damage is prevented, and safeguards the user who may have been injured by the resulting kickback. When purchasing the 9564CV angle grinder, you can be assured of a safe yet technologically advanced power tool.

Unrivaled speed, unmatched performance

A variable speed control dial with 5 stage options (2,800- 10,500 RPM) gives users the opportunity to tailor their speeds to meet their applications. This means that you no longer have to use a fixed and possibly unreliable speed for differing stone types e.g. granite vs quartz. In order to sustain speed under pressure constant speed control is activated, supplying additional power to maintain the current speed. Using the 9564CV is now extremely hassle-free.

Ultimate construction, streamlined design

The angle grinder boasts of labyrinth construction coupled with zigzag varnish seals, that work together to insulate the motor and bearings from contamination arising from dust and debris. These complex construction structures work towards enhancing the life of the power tool.

Features and Specifications

1. Color: Teal
2. This 5.3 lbs electric angle grinder has a 12 amp motor and variable speeds of between 2,800 and 10,500 RPM. The spindle thread/arbor size is 5/8 inch-11 UNC, and the grinder comes with a 4.5 inch grinding wheel, removable side handle, inner flange, lock nut, lock nut wrench and wheel guard.
3. The unique SJS technology which makes up the Makita 9564CV prevents kickbacks resulting from wheel binding and catching.
4. The 5 stage variable speed control dial allows users to align the speed of the grinder to their current application.
5. The soft start-up action ensures that all start-up responses are smooth, in turn prolonging the life of the gears.
6. An inbuilt electronic current limiter discontinues the motor, thereby preventing motor burnout and excess strain.
7. A removable side handle can be placed on either side of the tool, for right-hand and left-hand use.
8. Clamping is made easy by the ?ool-less’ wheel guard adjustment.
9. A conveniently located slide switch with lock-on settings makes using the grinder comfortable, therefore promoting continuous use.
10. Tool life has been extended by the new carbon brush material, which is both bigger in size and better in performance.


Looking over the features and exact specifications detailed above, it is easy to work out all the benefits associated with using this outstanding angle grinder.
It is powerful, easy to maneuver, versatile in use, runs smoothly, comfortable to grip, durable, simple to store and has no vibrations. Additionally, its ergonomic design means that you can use it for extended time periods without fear of getting wrist cramps.


The Makita 9564CV can be accused of being too perfect; going through its features and specifications it is difficult to pinpoint a distinct drawback. However, it is slightly heavier than the 9558PB and is also uncomfortable to use one-handed. These two miniscule negatives can both be explained by the powerful 12 amp motor it houses. The motor makes it somewhat heavier and this in turn necessitates the need for a two-hand use. However, the incredible power output makes the weight and two-handed usage extremely bearable.

Customer Reviews

Currently, the Makita 9564CV Angle Grinder has garnered a notable score of 4.7 stars after being reviewed by 23 customers. What makes these reviews even more noteworthy is the fact that nearly 92% of reviewers gave the power tool a perfect 5 star scoring.


If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use angle grinder that can cover a diverse range of applications, look no further than the Makita 9564CV. Whether you are an amateur constructer fixing up your home, or a professional contractor going about your work, this is definitely power tool engineering at its finest!

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